International Lectures on Nature and Human Ecology

"A celebration of the life and thinking of Conrad Waddington"

epigenetic landscape waddington

15th-17th April 2016,
Abbazia di Spineto, Sarteano
Tuscany, Italy

Promoted by ABOCA


Il programma
Friday 15th April – Arrival. Informal dinner in the Abbazia cellars
Saturday - Chairman Pat Bateson

9.00 Pat Bateson - Introduction
9.10 Telmo Pievani - Wad, the evolutionist: the relevance of Wad's breadth of interests 40 years later
9.50 Eva Jablonka - The rise of epigenetics

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Steve Jones – Genetic assimilation
11.40  Kevin Laland – Developments in Evolutionary Biology
12.20 General Discussion

12.30 Lunch

14.30  Ulrich Loening – The School of Man-made Future and the  Centre for Human Ecology
15.10  Nick Humphrey – Consciousness as Art

15.50 Carrie Humphrey (née Waddington) - Mutual influences between my father's work and anthropology

16.30 General Discussion

17.15 Concert in Abbazia Church

20.00 Drinks and Formal Dinner at Abbazia
Sunday 17th November  – Chairman Telmo Pievani

9.00 Steven Rose – Wad's anti-reductionism
9.40 Pat Bateson – Wad's systems approach

10.20 Coffee

10.50 Grazia Marchianò - Behind Appearance and commentary on his book of the same name

11.30 General Discussion

12.30 Lunch

14.30 Visits to Sarteano Castle and Etruscan Museum

18.00 Drinks

19.00 Informal Dinner in the Abbazia cellars
Monday 18th April  Departure

Observer participants: Gabriel Offer, Hilary Rose, Francesco Suman, Ettore Camerlenghi.

Grateful thanks to Marilisa Cuccia and Nicola Tagliapietra of Abbazia di Spineto and Massimo Mercati of ABOCA which has funded the meeting.

The proceedings of the workshop will not be published but will feed into to a three-day meeting at the Royal Society and British Academy from 7th to 9th November 2016 with the title:"New trends in Evolutionary biology: philosophical and social science perspectives and implications". Details about registration and speakers will be sent out by the two academies.